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Potato Bush Camp Location
Lower Zambezi N.P. Zambia

Secluded Adventure in The Lower Zambezi N.P.

The prime location of Potato Bush Camp and Sausage Tree Camp ensures the following:
Game-viewing — we are perfectly located in the most game rich and stunningly diverse habitat the Lower Zambezi National Park has to offer.
Views — undoubtedly the most spectacular views overlooking islands and channels, teaming with wildlife, with the Zambezi River and Escarpment as the perfect back drop.
Exclusivity — due to the fact that these camps are deep inside the Lower Zambezi National Park, we rarely see other vehicles. It is almost like having our own exclusive zone in the heart of the park!

GPS Coordinates for Potato Bush Camp

S 15°40'44.0832", E 029°28'51.2220"

The Lower Zambezi National Park

Location of Sausage Tree Camp - Zambia

What to Expect

Common sightings at Potato Bush Camp include: elephant, hippo, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, impala, bushbuck and kudu. For predators, there are leopard, lion and hyena. Other commonly seen wildlife is wild dog (african hunting dog); serval and the african wild cat. Smaller species include side striped jackal; dwarf, slender & banded mongoose; large spotted genet; civet; tree squirrel; honey badger; porcupine and aardvark.

The Lower Zambezi National Park gets it's unique and stunning scenery from the 120km of Zambezi River front combined with the impressive Zambezi Escarpement and the abundant game in the valley floor. The park is opposite Mana Pools National Park, a protected World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe, making this one of the very unique areas along the Zambezi River where there are protected national parks on both the Zambian and the Zimbabwe banks.

This wildlife is widely dispersed during the rainy season (Dec - March) because there is plenty of water and forage. In the dry season they are more concentrated on the valley floor, the banks of the river and islands in the Zambezi River where the most nutrition can be found.

As well as the mammals and birdlife of the area, the Zambezi River has 46 species of fish recorded so far. These factors make the Lower Zambezi N.P. one of Africa's most pristine natural environments remaining today.

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