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Your Hosts & Guides at Potato Bush Camp


Jason Mott

Jason Mott
left Australia and his business degree in 1996 on a one year around-the-world trip. While surfing the coast of South Africa, Jason was asked to help build a new safari camp in Zambia - Sausage Tree Camp. During the course of building the camp, Jason fell in love with the beauty and game of the area. He stayed and became a qualified guide and then manager, finally achieving his dream of making Sausage Tree Camp his own in 2000. With increased market demand, pressure on STC and the need for extra beds, Potato Bush Camp was designed, built and finally opened by Jason in August 2012. Based in Lusaka with his family, Jason regularly visits both of his camps to ensure the highest standards and guest satisfaction are achieved.

Charles Tembo

Charles Tembo - Camp Manager
has been with Sausage Tree Camp since its inception in 1996. His years of experience working in different departments, ultimately as a guide, make him the ideal Camp Manager and Head guide at Potato Bush Camp. His excellent knowledge of the Zambezi river saw him as one of the judges in the finale of the renowned BBC fishing series "The Big Fish".

Annekim Geerdes

Annekim Geerdes - F & B Manager & Assistant Camp Manager
Annekim grew up in France, the USA and Holland. She moved to South Africa in 2010 to complete her degree in Veterinary Medicine after which she worked as a wildlife vet in both South Africa and Zambia. Her passion for catering and hospitality and the exposure to the lifestyle of the safari industry persuaded her to a shift in career. After managing camps in Kruger National Park and Kafue National Park she joined our team in 2019 together with her partner James. She loves nature and animals, feels strongly about conservation and is driven to sharing the few remaining pristine areas such as the valley with our guests.

The Guides

Charles Tembo - Camp Manager & Guide
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Ali Vlahakis

Ali Vlahakis
Ali started working in 2007 as a trainee boatman obtaining his boating and fishing licence in 2008. This sparked the desire to continue on with qualifications in the field and he started as a trainee guide. He joined Potato Bush Camp in 2012 as a boatman & fishing guide, and was part of the construction team that built camp. When the opportunity came up to became a trainee guide Ali seized the chance and in 2016 he wrote and passed (with top marks) his canoe guide and game drive guide exams. In 2017 he completed his walking guide license and is now a fully qualified guide. Ali loves fishing, and knows the river like the back of his hand having grown up in Chirundu, a village on the water. He also has a keen interest in vegetation, birds, and enjoys taking our younger guests out to experince the African wilderness.

James Duncan-Anderson

James Duncan-Anderson
James grew up on a farm in South Africa where, besides a love for sports, he developed incredible knowledge about the flora and fauna of Southern Africa. For eight years he was part of the anti-poaching unit of Save the Rhinos in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, before starting his guiding career in 2001. He was a professional guide in South Luangwa National Park for seven years, in Kafue National Park for two years and joined our team in 2019 together with his partner Annekim. He is a fervent birder and enjoys sharing his passion for the bush on walking safaris.

The Team

We cannot forget that during your stay at Potato Bush Camp you will also be looked after by a variety of passionate and hard-working staff including:

Your 'Muchinda' (butler) which translated is 'Attendant to the Chief'. Your Muchinda makes sure your stay is truly special by his attention to your every need while in camp.

Our Chef's make sure your taste buds receive a treat while in camp. You can rest assured that our African fusion cuisine will satisfy the most discerning of travellers. See more info

The team of back of house staff who do laundry, wash dishes, sweep paths, clean pools, maintain boats & vehicles etc. Their tireless hard work maintins the camp at its high standards.