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Zambezi Fishing at Potato Bush Camp

Zambezi Spin and Fly Fishing - Tigerfish, Vundu & Bream

The Zambezi River is host to some of the most spectacular fresh water sport fishing in the world with plentiful Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus, Latin for "striped river dog") and Tilapia amongst others. Potato Bush Camp offers both spinning and fly fishing, both strictly "catch and release" in accordance with the principles of the Lower Zambezi National Park fishing policy.

The most sporting and certainly the most fun fish to catch is the famous Tigerfish. A relative of the infamous piranha, Tigerfish have large carnivorous teeth, can grow to 15kg/33lb (the camp record is 11.3kg) and are renowned for their strength and spectacular "leaping out of the water" fighting performance.

Fishing is successful all year round, however the warmer months (September - December) are definitely the best months to catch Tigerfish. This is the breeding season when the fish are more active, feeding more regularly and are far more aggressive. The water level is typically lower and the visibility at its very best.

Potato Bush Camp has expert fishing guides and a range of boats to perfectly suit the real fishing enthusiast.

Nice Tigerfish
Late Afternoon Fishing
Trophy Tigerfish

Spinning for Tigerfish

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The camp supplies all fishing equipment, but for enthusiasts who prefer their own gear, the following is a guideline as to what to bring:

Fly Fishing

Streamer Flies
Good Colour

The tackle and technique for Tigerfish has been described as very similar to that of "Bone-fishing".