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Children's Activities

Children’s activities are available in 2 age groups (4-8yrs & 8-12yrs). Activities include:

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Children’s Game Drives

As children tend to have a shorter concentration level than adults and need to be stimulated more often to keep them interested, on game drives the guide will show the children different animals, stop for tea (picnic) and point out the smaller creatures to them. In the vehicle the guide will teach the children how to track, for example tracking a herd of buffalo is fairly easy and getting the children involved finding the actual animals. Whilst out on drive the guide can stop in a river bed and show the children how elephants dig for water and they can all participate to try and dig for water. There are endless options for fun and learning in the bush.

After Game Drive Activities

Usually the children’s game drive finish a couple of hours earlier than the parents game drive. Once in camp staff can teach the children how to weave palm mats. This activity can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the skill of the child. First aid and survival skills in the bush are very important and will be fun for children to learn. We can set up a kiddies first aid kit to play around with and teach the children how to make a fire and roast marsh mellows on the fire.

Informative Children Bush Walks between the 2 Camps

We have a large elephant skull in camp that can be discussed as well as smaller items such as elephant teeth, hippos teeth, seed pods etc. which the guide can strategically place around camp before his walk to add to the children's learning. The walks can be done either after the morning game drive before lunch or in the afternoon before game drive.


Whilst sitting around the fire either before the children’s dinner or after, the guide can show them how to navigate by using the stars and teach them some of the constellations.

Roasting Marsh Mellows with Chocolates and Biscuits

Most children tend to eat dinner around 18h30-19h00, once finished dinner this is a great activity to do at the fire while the parents are chatting and the guide overseeing the children having “dessert”.

Soccer Playing on a Sand Bank

Children can be taken to a sand bank where it is safe and can play in the shallow water with a soccer ball or frisbee. This is endless fun for everyone.

Fishing from the Deck

Children can catch smaller fish or large fish from the deck or boats tied up at the jetty using worms and being taught about catch and release.